International Women’s Day: MOTHERHOOD is our greatest contribution!

On this day as women around the globe celebrate the achievements of women and their on-going struggle to gain notoriety, let us never forget motherhood. By far our greatest contribution and achievement is the willful sacrifices we make to bring new human beings to earth. This act of love is nearly exclusively taken for granted by the opposite gender, yet in the act of motherhood women achievement their greatest empowerment.

Pregnancy is sacrifice!

Birth is an act of love!

Motherhood is awesome!

Nurturing and taking responsibility for “new life” is F-E-M-A-L-E! Let us never forget our greatest role and celebrate the wombs of women!

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Feb 18, 2011, today the US House of Representatives did it, they had enough guts to cut the budget where it really needed cutting and that is by savings federal taxpayers $386 million dollars a year that is allocated to Planned Parenthood.

Abortion rights advocates know their days might be ending. Their greatest fear is that we will go after Griswald next!   Griswald vs. Connecticut is the 1965 supreme court ruling that gave people the right to legalize all forms of birth control and to bring birth control devices in from foreign countries. I don’t think they have much to worry about.

However pushing back Griswald would be quite a feat but do we really want to take everyone’s birth control away? What good would that do? One thing it could do is lower the divorce rate  and bring massive savings to taxpayers.

Divorce is the greatest epidemic of the 20th century and divorce rates climbed exponentinally once Griswald was passed, so it might not be a bad idea. Divorce and the legalization of birth control go hand in hand.

Think of all the money the US government has to pay as the result of divorce? When men abandon women and their children the federal government must step in with assistance for the single mother. They pay rent, food stamps, cash assistance to needy families, medical bills, tax refunds for families living under the poverty line, free school lunches and free college tuition. Instead of going after Griswald we need to think of the savings if we outlawed divorce.


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On May 7, 2011, on the 51st anniversary of the birth control pill, across the state of Florida we will stand for those who have no voice.

We will stand in silence

We will stand for LIFE

We will stand against abortion

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VASECTOMY:Unlocking the Mystery of Christian Divorce

The vasectomy advertises that a man can have, “All the pleasures of sex without the fear of getting his partner pregnant.” What man is not going to want this? The number one problem men face with sex: they want to enjoy it, but a child means commitment. One moment of pleasure turns into twenty years of responsibility. The vasectomy takes this problem away forever. It’s great! Most men figure, why not go for it?  

A vasectomy to most men is a no-brainer!—

especially after a man has given life to several

children and is comfortable with his family size.

He figures he’s being a good dad to the children

he already has, so why not accept this operation

as his reproductive finale? With an inexpensive

outpatient surgery being advertised on gigantic

billboards and on the Internet, it’s easy to be

convinced that it’s time to get clipped and move on.

In some marriages it is the men who really want it. They see it as a way to gain pleasure, lose responsibility, and an open door if he ever wants to mess around, although few men would tell their spouses this. They’re mentally anticipating the possibilities that might arise once they are fixed. In some relationships the desire for the vasectomy reveals the underlying struggle between the male and the female for dominance in the marriage. Sometimes it is the women who make their husband get fixed. She tells him, “I had the pain of having the babies; now you’re going to be the one who gets fixed!” The men submit, often reluctantly with what she wants. Her dominance and his submission are a statement of her ultimate control (but that’s a whole other book), but not for the Braveheart’s of this world, they are not letting anyone mess with their manhood! They tell their wives, “If you do not want to get pregnant you will have to figure out something for you because I am NEVER getting clipped!” (You can hear the testosterone roar!)

God gave the man the innate desire to achieve greatness!  Men are motivated by a deep need to imprint themselves and struggle to leave their mark. This is why they build buildings and compete in business, and sports, fight in wars, and long for respect. This is why male animals leave their scent and fight the other male to the death. A male must stake out his territory. This is why getting fixed is detrimental for male lovers. It is not just a little snip; it is the severing of a gift and it disconnects the man from the emotional power God gave him to achieve true greatness.

(*Excerpt from Birthing God’s Mighty Warriors by Rachel Scott)

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WHEN THE PRINCE FAILS TO RESCUE HIS MAIDEN Unlocking the Mystery of Christian Divorce Part 5

Every woman believes she is a Princess and as a Princess, the  female lover desires her Prince Charming to fight for her. “Take  me away with you my darling!” (Song of Solomon 8:14.) Part of the      act of lovemaking is the thrill of the chase, the thrill of feeling  conquered and the orgasmic thrill of being physically, emotionally  and psychologically taken away.

Hidden deep within the heart of a woman the Lord placed a God-given  need to feel protected. The female heart is so very precious to God  because the female is the lover who cuddles, who nurtures, who shares  her love freely with her baby, her children and with her mate. Women are inherently the lovers. One of the female’s fullest expressions of her love will come forth in the bedroom through her physical and sensual nakedness. If she feels protected she will give her all to her lover. She will let down her guard and fully receive him with such intense passion that her lover will be shocked that his woman could be so real and vulnerable with him. This kind of lovemaking is a gift.

Far too often in today’s world women enter sexual relationships with mountains of emotional baggage. They want to love deep but they’ve been wounded from abuse. Their hearts need to be healed. The man must make her feel safe before she can open up. Her uneasiness is that she will be cast aside again. This is a dilemma but can be overcome, but when birth control enters the bedroom it complicates the lovemaking. The motivation behind using it the a threat of a pregnancy the couple is convinced they don’t want but this turning to it indicates that the female’s contribution is harmful. This indicator alerts her sub conscience mind that it is not safe to come forth in her sexual freedom because there is a chance of being cast aside again.


In God’s word sex is about security. The ultimate expression of love a man could have for a women is expressed in his commitment to stay with her and create a family with her. This communicates his deepest love for her. When she has his heart, he will be expressing commitment. “I will never leave you nor forsake you because I am in love with you and I am committed to our union.” Women need to know this and feel it. If every time he goes to be with her he covers himself with a condom, his action will speak louder than words. Even if his reason is to prevent them from another pregnancy, the act of engaging in birth control reflects that something is not quite as good as it could be. He desires the act of sex while she desires the longterm commitment. Engaging in birth control communicates the underlying theme of incomplete oneness.

If she has been abused in previous relationships she will not know how to express what she is feeling and instead will simply shut down. There is no way she will be confident enough to let her guard down to trust again. Because of her history of abuse they will not see breakthrough unless he can consistently communicate his deep love and commitment. To feel secure the woman needs to continually know that he wants to build a life with her but the subliminal messages that birth control sends causes her to question his intentions. In a birth control using society nothing demonstrates long term commitment to a woman more than by not using protection. When a male does this it demonstrates the height of his vulnerability.


In the fairytale the Princess needs to know that her Prince is willing to defend her. When a woman is talked into using something to prevent the couple from having more children or when she is talked into getting her tubes tied, she cannot help but feel her sense of loss. Even when it is for her health, deep inside women know they have love to give to children and have a need to express themselves through family. Not every woman is in touch with her deep heartfelt thoughts and feelings but unspoken messages that communicate rejection will be very damaging to their bedroom experience.

She’ll ask herself, “Where was my Prince, why didn’t he stop us and look after my rights to bear his children? She will conclude, “He doesn’t really care about me!” In her mind it will feel like he conquered her, used her and threw her away. In theory, she may have agreed with her lover’s reasons for limiting themselves but later it turns to sorrow. God’s word warns this is a difficult decision to live with because, “The barren womb is never satisfied” (Proverbs 30:16). A man may think he is getting off easy by not having another child with his lover, but he will pay.

In marriage her womb is his womb, so when her womb is longing but empty, their relationship will be affected. When a decision is made to end their fertility before it ends naturally most women will remain sad about the finality of the choice and will fall into patterns of insecurity. She’ll grieve for the babies that might have been especially when she compares herself to another woman of equal age but who appears to be happier with her family size. In comparison, she’ll look at her life with her lover and feel inadequate, inferior or jealous. In those moments she might feel inferior and unequal to this other woman and as feelings of inferiority surface her thoughts and her emotions will get the best of her. Women can’t help it, we are very temperamental creatures! Regretful thoughts and depression could set because the woman is holding emotional resentments against her spouse.

She’ll contemplate, “He does not want to make a baby with me and he is through with that part of me, so what reason do I have to continue satisfying him or allow myself to be aroused by him? As time passes she looses interest, gets busy at work and with the children’s activities and her girlfriends. They may still be having sex but their deep intimate times substantially decrease.

She no longer feels safe because she is not only feeling unprotected but she is also not feeling in control. So in areas where she can be in charge new behaviors surface. She might pour herself into work seeking promotions or she might indulge in materialism constantly wanting more in comparison to her friends. She might start working out and desire plastic surgery, trying to recapture her youthful glow. All these things on the surface are aimed at helping her feel good inside again. The pain of disallowing the inherent role of the woman to love and to be loved is the real reason behind every other motivation.

A 2010 study revealed the most unhappy women in society are women from the age of 45-64 yr. old, interesting that this is also the time when childbearing disappears. During these years, it is critical for the mental health of a woman to know her Prince still wants her, still loves her and if they could he would still reproduce with her!

When the couple used birth control their entire marriage and then got fixed ending their fertility, emotional and physical separations may be why the rise of divorce in this age group is at its highest during these years. Could these be clues about why the generation who used birth control all divorced each other? For thousands of years birth control and sterilization were not part of marriage and for thousands of years the divorce rate was practically zero.

(*Excerpt from Birthing God’s Mighty Warriors by Rachel Scott)

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Unlocking The Mystery Of Christian Divorce Part 4: The Act of Motherhood

Shortly after a woman gets her first positive pregnancy test she realizes that her life will never be the same because motherhood has now entered. Birthing children brings great pain and yet also great pleasure to women. This may be one reason why women enjoy going to a baby shower; it is a reminder for them of the pleasure of having a baby. The younger women comment about how lucky the pregnant recipient is and how much they wish they too could be pregnant with a child. The mature mothers say they are hoping for grandchildren soon. If infants are there, the women pass them around expressing their need for a “baby fix.” Baby showers reveal the natural desire women have to give love and to be loved.
It doesn’t take long for new mothers to realize “motherhood rocks!” “Mommy” becomes the star of their child’s life and what women is not going to like this kind of attention? Women thrive on loving their children. They have so much love to give and in motherhood they find the satisfaction they’ve been longing for all their lives. Children make women feel special in ways their lover never could. Maybe it is because children are our flesh and blood; our hearts intertwine with each other before our children are ever born and then at birth they instantly love us. No one will EVER love a woman or care about her more than her children!
“I want my mommy!” It is Mother who children long to see and Mother is the one who they come home from war to hug and Mother is the one they want to share their thoughts with and when Mother becomes old she is the one they are concerned about. She sustains them throughout life. A million highs from a promotion at work or from finding a shopping bargain will never do for a woman what her children will do for her! Children bring joy to the deepest places in a woman’s soul, yet our society has been against women having too many. We pressure women to stop being reproductive.
Currently two out of every three married women between the ages of 35 yr. and 45 yr. have been sterilized! This means 25% of the female adult population in America, including God’s people, can no longer have children and quite often her infertility is by “choice.”
Offspring represent the fruit of her union with her lover but what if he makes it clear he doesn’t want to have children with her or he wants to greatly limit the amount she can have, what does this do to the female lover? Can she be O.K. with him when he wants to limit her expression of love? When her arms are empty and another mother’s are full, will she be O.K. or will she resent him or regret her own birth control decisions?
Men do not realize that it is easy for a woman to feel insecure inside in her heart. We are very emotional creatures! We have a longing to know we are loved. In a good marriage a good man will make his wife feel secure in his love, secure in herself declaring she is lovable and he will provide an emotional escape where she can feel vulnerable and safe with him. When her insecurities arise she can lean on him and his love makes her feel confident. The woman will rest secure that even where she is weak or inadequate her husband finds her fascinating. If he has demonstrated his love by committing himself to her and to their home nothing is greater! The vicious cycle birth control use has created for the woman has not brought happiness. Once men can get sex without committal women find it is all down hill. The men act like jerks, so the women don’t want to stay because they no longer need the man for financial reasons. Women leave all the while searching for the “good man” who will love her and be true to their love. The woman finds a new guy and when she gives him sex she finds he starts squirming about commitment, telling her he doesn’t really want children. The women say, “If you like it you better put a ring on it and commit,” but the men don’t have to commit because they can get the sex without it.
Whether a woman stays at home, works from home or is out in the workforce every woman feels best when she knows she has a committed spouse who loves her, who wants children with her and a future of togetherness. There is no greater love for any woman. It is the true life fairytale!
(*Excerpt from Birthing God’s Mighty Warriors by Rachel Scott)

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MAKING BABIES TOGETHER Unlocking the Mystery of Christian Divorce Part 3

Unlocking the Mystery of Christian Divorce Part 3

God created marriage to be a wonderful partnership, “Has not the Lord made them one? In flesh and spirit they are His, and why one? Because He was seeking Godly offspring. So guard yourself in the spirit and do not break faith with the wife of your youth” (Malachi 2:15).

According to Malachi 2:15, when the couple enters a birth control arrangement, they invite problems. Complete intimacy expressing itself through offspring was what God meant for lovers to share. Children were not supposed to be a fruit of our random choices and occasional desires. They were meant to be the fullest expression of our intimate sexual relationship.

The good times roll when the lovers are making babies together. Baby making sex is hot and steamy. Without the need for birth control’s barriers, the lovers will experience their most intimate moments. All the walls are down and their unity reigns. Naked, unashamed and in full agreement these passionate lovers are making a baby together and it is exciting! The new child they make brings these lovers incredible satisfaction; an accomplishment of their unified flesh, mind and spirit. The birth brings elevated feelings of satisfaction.

Soon after their baby arrives and baby making sex is over, sorrow comes. No matter how much they love their new little one, when the lovers come together again and go back to their pattern of preventing another baby from conception, a part of their excitement subsides. They’ve been taught by those around them that using birth control and limiting their seed is what lovers are supposed to do, but once these lovers move away from their most important task of creating new life together, sex lacks and the need to work harder at the physical, philosophical and sub conscientious needs of their marriage will greatly increase.

What is happening to our lovers? Where is everything they once felt?

Modern relationships start out with this struggle: he fears her, she fears him. “Honey I love every part of you and hate to admit it but I don’t love the part of you that causes us to create children together. I need to protect myself from this part of you!” If we desire to be on guard against our lover and shut them out, we keep sex from expressing itself in procreation. Our journey as lovers will always be a journey trapped by our fears.

Protection? The very word indicates the partners are afraid of something. When the lovers embrace their need to guard themselves from each other, this perceived fear will place a subconscious wall between them. The Bible doesn’t talk about the need for lovers to protect themselves from each other. “Perfect love casts out fear” (1 John 4:18). Yet modern society has rejected God’s plan and has taught us, sex is for pleasure and maybe never about procreation; therefore to remain pleasurable, we must always protect ourselves from our lovers!

Even though sex if done right will feel good, when both lovers agree to use birth control, the couple has started the relationship on the premise of rejecting their seed. Subliminally this rejection will be very hard to overlook because rejection creates an emotional barrier or “wall.” How high a wall is built between them or how broad it could affect their intimacy will be up to the individuals. Once the idea of their need for birth control protection becomes part of their sexual experience, the need to alienate themselves in other areas will increase. How can it not? The unspoken communication has already said in this area, “I am against oneness,” and this will make the expression of naked, unashamed sex extremely difficult to achieve. Tensions outside the bedroom often originate from the need to protect oneself inside the bedroom.

It will be harder to be lovers outside of the bedroom because the unspoken need to protect will now be there. Naked and unashamed has been replaced by lack of trust, apprehension and anxiety. All communication will be filtered through this emotional wall. She will know that he is afraid of her eggs and womb and her ability to conceive a child he does not want. He will know she is afraid of his sperm and its power to impregnate her when she is feeling unsure.

Neither one will make the “connection” but the expression of protection during sex will speak louder than words because both agree with fear!

As years roll by and new babies continue to be prevented our previously hopeful lovers may find themselves at varying levels of emotional separation. They still love each other and are capable of sharing a good time together but as they continue with using birth control their naked passion wains. They know something is not quite the same but they can’t figure out exactly what happened. Eventually they might search elsewhere to put a little “zing” back into the relationship.The couple might turn toward porn, fantasy fiction, shopping together, working out, vacationing. They know they lost something in the bedroom and are searching with their spouse to find it but they are looking for excitement it in all the wrong places. Clearly their loss is not what God intended for the two lovers who once started out with so much hope and satisfaction in their lovemaking.


What God offers lovers is something pure and beautiful and mutually gratifying. Sex without walls brings unity; each lover demonstrates their complete acceptance of their partner’s body. This increases worthiness in their lover’s thoughts, feelings and emotions. God’s way brings no walls, no need for protection. “Here I am naked before you, it means so much to me that you love everything about me.” This is what God offers: the thrill of being naked before our lover; naked in mind, body, and spirit just like Adam and Eve were in the garden—naked, unashamed and without the need to guard themselves.

When people are naked, it is essential to know we are completely loved for who we are.

This is true love! This is Song of Solomon sex, “I’ve always loved you and always will until the end of time because I completely accept you.” This is God’s way, it is a pure expression of love and is the key that eliminates fears from the marriage. Acceptance of the whole person is what makes marriages last fifty years. Acceptance is love and is invaluable as people age because age brings new levels of doubt (fears): “Does she still want me?” “Does he still find me attractive?” “Do I still have value?” When the lovers have had years of unprotected sex together, the lovers will be at peace because everything is out on the table so to speak. Unprotected sex says,” my lover still loves me, still wants all of me. Even once fertility fades it is glorious for a man or woman to know, “If we could my lover would still want to make babies with me and no other partner.” They will “know that they know” where their lover stands because by not using birth control during their marriage their lover demonstrated unquestionable trust, deep felt psychological acceptance and total commitment to the relationship. With this kind of all encompassing unity between them fifty years later there will still be no need to ever divorce!

(*Excerpt from Birthing God’s Mighty Warriors by Rachel Scott)

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NAKED and UNASHAMED SEX! Unlocking the Mystery of Christian Divorce Part 2

Unlocking the Mystery of Christian Divorce Part 2

Have you ever read any articles or books talking about the consequences of birth control use or sterilization on a marriage? In our 30 years of marriage, my husband and I have never read anything, anywhere that says that birth control use could harmfully affect a relationship. Every marriage course we’ve ever taken and every marriage book we’ve ever read approached marriage with the assumption that birth control was a non-issue, acting as if problems resulting from its use or from sterilization did not exist. Maybe this is because we have been so engrossed in our birth control culture that we don’t realize how much birth control has affected marriages and the family. Whatever the cause, historical data reveals marital failure rose sharply in the 1960s and 1970s, at the same time church goers started using contraceptives. I find it very interesting with the high rate of divorce amongst believers that this fact has been completely ignored in contemporary religious circles.

Problems do arise from birth control and sterilization. Both create physical and emotional barriers which communicate “REJECTION.” Even though the couple is lovemaking, the subtle shutting off of our lover’s reproductive capabilities does makes a statement. When sex organs become objects of rejection it is not what God intended.

God did not create birth control, man did. The Lord did not bring Eve to Adam and toss Adam a box of Trojan condoms. HE simply didn’t! Sex created by God is hot, steamy, passionate! It is thrilling and beautiful. God’s sex is naked, unashamed and without fear of any kind. The lovers who do not use birth control communicate a sub conscience message of complete acceptance: “I love everything about you and I am committed to you. I am not afraid. I want to be with you and I am willing to become ONE with you.”

On the other hand, the first time the lovers use contraceptives to shield themselves from each other they communicate, a different sub conscience message: “I am trying to love you and I’m hopeful but I’m still not completely sure about us and my total commitment to you, so let’s not complicate things by bringing children into our relationship.” Imagine countless lovers communicating this to each other often from their very first sexual moments together and then they to try build a relationship of mutual agreements and can’t figure out why it seems so difficult. Protected sex is what we have come to believe as normal, but it is not natural or correct! God dedicated an entire book of His word to show us His idea of how lovers should approach sex.

Sex God’s way is beautiful, as passionate as can be and without birth control! Simply read the Song of Solomon.

“Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth. I belong to my lover … Oh how beautiful you are my darling … Your breasts are like two fawns. … His left arm is under my head and his right hand embraces me. … My lover is mine and I am his. … Let my lover come into his garden and taste its choice fruits … open to me, my darling … my breast are like towers … my vineyard is mine to give” (1:1, 2:16, 1:15, 4:5, 2:6, 1:16, 7:10, 8:10, 8:12).

Listen to the lover’s passion, the panting, the excitement. Their love is both physically and psychologically  satisfying. In the midst of the act the Bible is describing, notice that the Song of Solomon does not break for a birth control announcement:

“Her lover paused if only for a moment while he tenderly and gingerly placed the condom onto his penis…”

“She momentarily left her lover’s side while she ran to the next room to insert her diaphragm…”

“She was joyful and had no fear of reprisal from her lover’s fruits, for the pill was her birth control of choice and she trusted that it would keep her lover’s sperm from impregnating her…”

I guess the Bible forgot to add those details about using birth control!

Instead the Song of Solomon gives us a graphic illustration of sex the way God says it should be. The lovers are hopeful, anticipating successful and fully embracing the love the other one could give! They are in search of oneness, they do not talk of needing to protect themselves from each other! They talk like lovesick lovers, “Open up to me my darling”, “Come into my garden and taste of my fruits”, “I am my beloved and my beloved is mine!”

God says, “Let your lover in!” Let him fully embrace every part of you while you completely embrace every part of him without feeling afraid, without hesitation of the gift of your heart. “… Place ME like a seal over YOUR heart, my darling.” (Song of Solomon 8:6) Embrace me, accept me, love me! This is what true intimacy says. It is a total and complete embracing of your lover’s heart, soul, spirit and body. “I completely love ALL of you and you completely love all of me, forever. Because of our love “we can cling to each other in sickness and in health, whether large family or small, through riches or lack till death when we part.”

This passion the Bible describes is far from the sex lives today’s couples experience. We’ve been told over and over by secular educators that removing the threat of our unwanted child will increase our pleasure, but where are the two naked lovers clinging passionately and unashamedly to each other?  People say all is well with their sex lives but if this is true then how come almost 50% of Christian marriages have ended in divorce since birth control and sterilization became acceptable, might we dare consider birth control as the probable destroyer of true marital intimacy? (*Excerpt from Birthing God’s Mighty Warriors by Rachel Scott)

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Rebuilding the Family Mountain: THE PILL Unlocking the mystery of Christian Divorce Part 1

For generations Christian marriages and families lead society, yet today our marriages are failing, our families are falling apart and our divorce rate is often higher than those who do not know the Lord. It’s quite evident we’re failing!

Christian leaders made news recently when they speculated about what was causing the escalating epidemic of divorce among believers. In the end their exact reasons and their solutions remained clouded, which is quite interesting, because the truth is not hidden and the answer is not complicated. It is so simple: the breakdown of marriage and family occurred when believers made the same choices as the unchurched.

The problem began in the bedroom. When believers starting doing the same things as the “worldly people” around them, family anarchy resulted. Historically God’s people had stood against birth control, but in 1930 Christian and Jewish leaders were pressured, by ungodly atheists to allow its use. It took until 1960 before these people could get resistant religious leaders to give full support for birth control but once they gave in we began to loose the family hook, line and sinker.

Birth control made headlines Mother’s Day weekend 1960 when the medical establishment introduced the world’s first birth control pill. It had been largely funded by atheist Margaret Sanger, the now famous abortionist who founded Planned Parenthood. People everywhere, including many churchgoers accepted this new pill as a breakthrough for their sex lives indicating a monumental shift in attitudes about contraceptives. The pill’s advertising propaganda was very convincing. It was first marketed to married couples pointing out that sex had a reproduction problem: the fear of pregnancy. Couples were told the new little pill could prevent pregnancy and help them to really enjoy “sex.” Desiring a solution to a perceived problem the pill’s marketers were brilliant!

The pill seemed as if it was a gift for marriages, but a gift from whom? It was created by a vicious abortionist! This was not a gift a follower of Christ should have wanted but once God’s people believed their sex lives needed fixing, an entire generation of believers chose to fall away from God’s plan for the family. The birth control pill overrode God and His plan to bring precious children to marriages but for those who wanted to gain greater sexual freedom, the birth control pill was perfect!

Believers should have rejected this new contraceptive and preachers should have shouted their objections from the highest Heavens but instead the opposite occurred. The minister’s wife, lay ministers and fellow parishioners wanted this abortionist’s clever new invention and ran to their doctors begging for a prescription. Even though previously, birth control had been considered ungodly to use, now it was suddenly “correct.” Under the guise of sexual freedom the pill was quietly being accepted in top evangelical circles. With the combination of a new form of birth control, a silent pulpit and Christian leadership embracing the new sexual revolution is it any surprise that within thirteen years after the birth control pill came on the scene, believers joined nonbelievers in legalizing abortion!  Our birth control created a new idol for ourselves that led believers away from God’s plan for the family and eventually caused us to kill innocent babies! In our hearts we wanted the sex but we no longer wanted our own offspring.

Be not deceived God is not mocked, whatever you sew you will also reap! (Galatians 6:9) Sadly, God’s people began reaping. The Lord allowed judgement to come on church leadership for their silent acceptance. Beginning in the 1970s and 1980s sex scandals rocked evangelical circles, pastor’s had affairs with church secretaries and ran off with church treasuries and even missionaries divorced and had affairs. Prior to acceptance of contraceptives, marriages had rarely failed and divorce had been nil, single parenthood had only come as the result of the death of a spouse. Suddenly in the late 1960s and early 1970s, churches had to start support groups for blended families and ministries for single mothers because the breakdown of the family was everywhere in both society and church life.

Also during that time birth control use was pushed on young church going couples who were contemplating marriage and sex books were written for believers stating that sex was God’s gift for “pleasure seekers.” These teachers claimed the Bible was “silent” about how we were to conduct our sex lives. This rhetoric was a dramatic shift from previous historical teachings on marriage and sex. At other times in church history, these books, beliefs and ideas would have been considered heresy!

Yet this new idea of being able to control sex was tempting for churchgoers. It seemed so much easier for each couple to decide what works best by not allowing God to bring children they didn’t want to be messing with. In the Christian culture marriages were now transitioning from the goal of birthing and raising a Godly seed to believing that, “If we have a whole bunch of children to raise, we can’t be missionaries or serve in our churches or work our jobs and it will be harder to give money to others because we will be too busy feeding our children and providing for them.” The other popular teaching that came forth during this time, “God does not care how many children we have, it is our spiritual children that are most important, so why should we waste our time trying to have physical children, instead we should be out evangelizing.”

The fruit of this rhetoric has not been good. It is now 50 years since the first birth control pill was released, abortion is in its 37th year and the majority of believers have no idea that birth control use was not the solution for their marriages. It has brought the demise of many relationships and produced untold sorrow in sex lives. No wonder we’re leaving our marriages right and left. Its quite evident our way has failed. We must repent and return to God’s plan for the family. It is the answer.

(*Excerpt from Birthing God’s Mighty Warriors by Rachel Scott)

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98 year old woman has 100 Grandchildren!

Helen Young of Manteca, California is just shy of the century mark at 98 years old, but she’s hit the 100 mark in another way: 100 grandkids.The count: 24 grandchildren, 57 great-grandchildren, and 19 great-great-grandchildren. Soon, No. 101 will be arriving. Young said she counts herself lucky to have so many grandchildren and that it’s a special love a grandmother shares.


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