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What God is Saying

Many believe we are living in the last days…
An anointed generation of children
must come to earth.
God ordained their existence
before the beginning of time.

Will we allow ourselves to conceive them
or will we say , “No!” to our children and
“No!” to God’s plan?

Globalists and secular scientists are trying to convince us that the earth is full and that we are on a dying planet void of the proper resources to house and feed a growing population. These humanists see “people” as the main problem therefore adding any more “people” will become catastrophic.
How ever common sense shows us that when one looks at the earth it appears relatively empty with vast open spaces. Given the increase in man’s technology, the untapped natural resources and modern methods of food production the unity of mankind’s efforts could certainly house and feed ten times our current population if we wanted too. Mankind has been given the resources but we do need to use them properly. Because they fear the seculars shout, “Limit human reproduction!”

People question whether couples should birth more children when, there is mass suffering of children in many parts of the world. They surmise that these children need homes and parents to love them and say, “If there are already children here to adopt, why birth more?”

The message of Birthing God’s Mighty Warriors is a call to change how we have viewed children in the past 40-50 years and through out the message we are challenged to “stay open” to what God is saying. When we become open to the gift of life we change our perspective. We stop viewing children as objects and begin to see them as gifts. God’s word says “Every child is a gift” and if they are a gift then our arms will be open to birthing or adopting whichever is made available.

Global concerns are very important but they are one dimensional observations coming from a human viewpoint. Our reasons make sense on a human level but these ideas are limited by our thoughts, viewpoints and perspectives.

God always has a bigger plan and can see the bigger picture.

His eyes do not dismiss the suffering of mankind and the suffering of children across the globe. His heart goes out to these little ones and His desire is for the healing of the nations. (John 3:16, Revelation 22: 2) But part of that healing involves newcomers continually coming to this planet.

“People need people.” This is why Genesis 1:28 God commanded that humans “be fruitful and multiply” to replenish the earth with more people. Replenishment is life renewing itself and in order for the earth to remain fresh and vibrant it needs new life. When mankind is no longer replenishing earth, mankind’s destruction will follow (2 Timothy 3:1). In every generation new people are needed to replenish civilizations and bring growth to what is already in existence on earth.

At the most strategic times in history individuals of greatness were born. Individuals who rose to the occasion and championed solutions to mankind’s plight. These were great statesmen, spiritual leaders, educators, artists, writers, activists, those called to rescue the less fortunate and the Lord Himself who saved us. Great leaders left their mark on this world and life was better because they were born…

God knew that we would once again come to this same point in history and He never changed His mind about bringing forth the generations… God knows that taking care of little children is not easy and that creating a
family whether through birth or adoption takes time and effort and money, but He promised the rewards will be great. They are eternal.

What is God saying? Rethink children…..they are your destiny!

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  1. Sarah

    I think sadly, over time and generations, we have moved away from where children are the center of our society, community, churches, and even family. Children, unless an ‘accident’, are very often a second thought, not the first. I think that if we are to become the people/church that we are meant to be, we must begin to have a biblical-times type of love, focus and desire for children. I am a mum at 20, and my husband and I are expecting our third child…its scary the reactions we got when we announced each of our pregnancies, it was almost as if there was an element of grief in their ‘congratulations’. I personally decided that the direction that society wanted me to take was not just spiritually, but morally wrong also. A feminist or even just a worldly person may say that I am deprived from what I could have in life, that I have been bound and will never be fulfilled…well actually, I say they are wrong, and that until we begin to embrace God’s plan for the whole family, and ditch the selfish one-sided life that is endorsed, then we will never find fulfillment.

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