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Message to Forerunners


One of the greatest things that God is calling you to do in these last days will involve praying for the children.

As we get closer to the Lord’s return, prayer will be needed for conceptions and births. It is already becoming increasingly difficult for some couples to bring forth their children. It will only become harder in the days ahead. As more and more couples encounter infertility, as generational sins mount against the coming generation and as governments place limits on conceptions and further promote abortions, prayerful saints will be needed to assist. Parents will long to fulfill the cry
of their hearts, bringing forth the final seed (the children of promise) who will impact the closing events of history.

But as you work together with the Lord and pray for the children of these generations it will become one of your greatest quests…

Every life has a purpose, every human matters to God, every soul a precious new creation…

The enemy hates everyone. He does not want to see any family bring forth new life. The enemy promotes death and has worked hard at trying to prevent emerging generations from coming forth. This is one of the
reasons why “Birthing God’s Mighty Warriors” was written. It is a training and prayer manual to remind us of God’s heart for the children and His
desire to complete the spiritual and physical “family of God.” He wants to use us if we will be open.

The Lord wants His people to grasp the significance of the task at hand and break through our secular ideas about the creation of new life. As
the days grow darker we do not know the battles ahead.

One of the great sins over our land affecting the church as a whole waswhen Protestant church leaders turned away from solid doctrine, foundational to the Christian faith, and considered God’s word “old-fashioned.” They accepted the changing ideals of a contemporary society and allowed themselves to use birth control in their own bedrooms.  After all, “No one would know.” One might wonder why the pastor and his wife never had more than one or two children but no one would dare question whether they were using anything to prevent the gift of children. Then church goers followed suit. Modern  technology, advances in the medical field and a culture that promoted a woman’spro-choice agenda caused leaders to compromise. Seminaries did not teach the subject. Without realizing their deception churches stopped
“honoring” children and accepted the secular idea that children are only welcomed on this planet if they are “wanted.” Many of our dear leaders
today are not aware that they have dismissed God’ s plan for the family in favor of a mindset and beliefs about sex promoted by those who do
not know the Lord. Because of the way that society has leaned it has made it hard for leaders to make a change back to these truths.

As my husband and I approached men and women in ministry with this message about birthing children we heard some shocking responses. Most often they were coming from but were not limited to those who were over 40 yr old. Pastors admitted they were satisfied that they had been sterilized by vasectomy, or that their wives had chosen a tubal ligation to end their fertility. They felt birth control was an integral part of a happy marriage including the use of the pill and the IUD (Intrauterine device) both of which are highly probable to be abortive in nature. No wonder the pro-life movement has had such a difficult time defeating abortion! This deception runs very deep and many men and women who love the Lord have justified using birth control and
sterilization. Their rationalization and justification for their decisions has
made it very difficult to make headway with the great generational repentance that is needed.We must return to God’s way and promote life!


I am convinced that the reason why we can not get ABORTION to be removed from our land is because of the acceptance of the sin of using birth control and the sin of ending our fertility by getting a sterilization operation.

We have been brainwashed intensely by modernism and our minds are so twisted that we can not defeat what we so easily justify and accept!!

Once a person sees a child not as a “gift” but as something to “prevent” then it is more readily acceptable to understand the reason why a child needs to be aborted. The reasoning is that, “had the person been more responsible and gotten sterilized or used birth control then this ‘unwanted’ child would not need to be done away with through abortion.”

By accepting and using birth control and by getting sterilized we accept this line of thinking in our hearts.

I am convinced that ABORTION will never leave our land until we formally repent for the sin of accepting the world’s vasectomies, their tubal ligations, and using their birth control to prevent the blessing of our children!

As the revelation of Birthing God’s Mighty Warriors goes forth and
begins to penetrate our hearts and mindsets God will reveal where we
fell away from His way, where we have compromised and He will lead us back.


Envision with me for a moment….I am believing for and praying to see in the near future meetings where leaders will come together in formal repentance for these great sins. I envision pastors, lay ministers and other believers admitting before audiences that they have had vasectomies and confessing how the idea to “stop reproducing with their wives” took away from sexual intimacy, opened the door for sexual sins and in some cases destroyed their ministries, their families and their marital covenants.

I also envision fathers who have had vasectomies in repentance turning toward their children and asking forgiveness for their selfish ways, for not listening to their children when they begged for a little brother or sister. I envision mothers asking forgiveness to their sons and daughters for desiring a tubal ligation because she did not want to go through another pregnancy or stop her career to raise another sibling. I envision   children confessing how they felt when their parents complained about raising them or when their parents acted like having another child would be horrible. God will restore through tears of sorrow mixed with tears of repentance.

I envision an overall repentance for the mindset of “choice.”

This pro-choice mentality governs our media, education, and entertainment arenas and has caused God’s people to accept the use of birth control and sterilization without question. Modern believers have embraced the idea that children should only be conceived when we want them. I envision verbal repentance for taking the Lord out and replacing Him with our selfish desires and ambitions.

When true repentance for this sin comes not only from individuals in the Body but from those in top leadership it will filter down onto the shoulders of the next generation and we will finally see a turning point in our great fight against abortion. As the hearts of the fathers turn toward the hearts of their children (Malachi 4:6) God will move on our behalf. When together through tears the children forgive their parents for what their family missed out on and the fathers and mothers ask their children and the Lord for forgiveness for taking the gift of children so casually, then and only then will God heal our land (2 Chronicles 7:14) because His people repented.

When this happens the unity of hearts will bring forth Psalm 133 and precious oil will run down on Aaron’s beard; from Mt. Zion the Lord will bestow His blessing. The Lord’s great and mighty hand will move across the land and He will restore in one generation what has been lost in family bloodlines. Because of our repentance our grandchildren will bring restoration, the great and mighty warriors of the final generations will come forth, abortion will be thwarted and
God’s people will turn back to His way.

Then the ancient paths will be restored once again (Jeremiah 6:16).

0 Responses to Message to Forerunners

  1. Doris

    AMEN! amazing article! I love that zeal and vision and resonate with it in my soul!

  2. ben

    nice article and very true.

  3. Musa Latson

    am blessed through this articles its challenging my life and my friend’s life too

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