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Quiverfull: Where are all the unhappy quiverfull mothers?

Posted by on November 30, 2009


Re-examines our ideas about birth control.

God’s people were never supposed to use it.

But with the introduction of the birth control pill in 1960 and its blessing by the World Council of Churches in 1961, Protestant ministers and their wives jumped on the birth control bandwagon. Their action lead many of God’s people to accept a lifestyle of family planning.¬†Twenty-five years ago in the mid 1980′s home-schoolers revived the no birth control belief and today the movement has broadened to tens of thousands of couples.

Basically rethinking birth control has gone mainstream.

Those of us who are quiverfull know that quiverfull mothers are some of the happiest because we are birthing and raising our children. It’s a shame the liberal press is attempting to portray us as a bunch of “uneducated breeders” being forced to go along with dictatorial husbands. My husband is one of the nicest guys in the world, hardly a dictator and I am a college educated women. If this were true of other quiverfullers then there’s got to be some unhappy women out there!! ¬†RIGHT?

It’s been 25 years now. A lot of women have become quiverfull. Some of their sons and daughters are grown and are becoming quiverfull. Surely in 25 years time given the internet, youtube, blogs, books, cult watching scandals, religion in the news and the ease of information in our press wouldn’t a large group of women have spoken out by now?

THE TRUTH IS: They’re not out there!

Letting God give us children makes mothers happy and after twenty five years quiverful mothers are some of the happiest!

8 Responses to Quiverfull: Where are all the unhappy quiverfull mothers?

  1. wilkinson4jesus

    Very true! We couldn’t agree more. :) It is amazing how many families we have met that are so happy and content. I was wondering where all these unhappy woman were too? My guess is they are just not there, or at least no in any big numbers. This kind of life is demanding of both husband and wife, and working as a Godly team as YHWH intended is the only way to go. I thank YHWH for giving us good Team Captains (Husbands) that are willing to lead and also support us we pursue God with all our hearts, mind and body.

    We saw you on WE TV. It was a great show. Thanks for being a part of it.
    Anna and Jason Wilkinson and Family

  2. Aussiemummy

    I am a happy quiverfull mother of 6 soon to be seven . It however pains me to see how there is more negative press about the quiverfull choice than positive. Even from Christians. We are not a cult or organised ‘religion’ we have just made a choice to allow God to be sovereign in our lives. What on earth is wrong with that?

    I am not the stereotypical ‘quiverfull’ mother the media loves to bag (not there is anything wrong with that!) , I am really quite ordinary. We live in an average middle class suburb, are self -employed and I dress like your average woman. Our children attend a Christian school and LOVE being part of a large family. We adore each and everyone of them, and they adore and welcome each new addition. We are not trying to have as many children as possible (the very common misconception) we are perfectly content with whatever God gives us.

    Many think that the husband is the reason for all of this. I can tell you in our case God moved in our lives separately and convicted us individually. I had not even heard of the word ‘quiverfull’ until God moved my heart about being open to children, and then I began to wonder if anyone else felt the same way I did.

    To my husband and myself being ‘Quiverfull’ is all about obedience to God. Obedience with faith in my experience only produces happiness, because that is what God truly desires for us. If someone is not happy with their lives, I truly believe it is because they have fallen away in their walk and not trusting and leaning on God for everything. He loves us .. he really does :)

  3. wantoknowmore

    hi, i heard about quiverfull via a news report and it has intrigued me. i am 22 and am looking for my God given partner (how do i meet him?), i have always wanted to have a family of my own since i can remember. though i feel this is hard given my history of being diagnosed with mental illness since i was 12 and being put on medication, i believe God has been watching over me and protected me from too much heartache by closing my womb like Racheal in the bible because God knew my time was not right, also because of my promiscuity and disobedience. i need Gods help with that issue and its up to me to be faithful to my end of the promise. thankyou for taking the time to read this and hope to hear some feedback soon. God bless.

  4. Rachel Scott

    No matter what you have already done, God will forgive you. There is a hope for a blessed life. Being Quiverful is about obedience to God’s reproductive covenant. I can not comment on the mental illness, this is something that you will have to be very discerning and prayerful about but I will say the Lord can do miracles when you seek His best for you. Where do you live? Just curious if it was near a major city or not. Are you a member of a local church because you sound like you could use some support and love from older women in the Lord who could guide you and help you stay in the Lord. Let me know of ther eis anything I can do for you. I do have a FREE download of the beginning of my book on the blog and you can also subscribe to the blog. www, God Bless! Rachel

  5. Rachel Scott

    Thank you for the sweet comments. I am not sure of I wrote you back or not. Did you know you can subscribe to my blog via RSS and did you also see that you can download a FREE copy of the beginning of my book on the site as well? God Bless! Rachel

  6. Lise

    Here they are:

  7. Rachel Scott

    No longer quivering is run by one lone mother, Vickie Garret who made a series of choices that quite frankly placed herself and her health in jeopardy. I have met her and she is a very nice woman but she is trying to blame her choices on a her former beliefs. I am sure she can find an occasional unhappy mother of a large family whose life did not work out as she wished, but give me a break, I can give you millions of women with two children who also wished their lives had turned out better! She has no case against the movement and you don’t see Vickie saying anywhere that she wished a few of her children were not here. She seems quite grateful to have her children, she only wishes her life had turned out better, in other words, “being quiverful and having a large family” was not the source of her unhappiness.

  8. wicket99

    You silly fools. Your invisible guy in the sky doesn’t even exist!

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