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Father’s Day 2013: A Godly Man

Posted by on June 17, 2013

Fathers' Day 2013

What does it mean to be living with a Godly man?
This weekend as I was reflecting on the example my own husband has set for our family I realized the overwhelming blessing I’ve received from his faithfulness to the Lord. Because my husband walks with Jesus, we receive many benefits and the best part is we avoid the hardships other families suffer through.

My husband does not drink alcoholic beverages, nor use drugs therefore issues relating to drug or alcohol addiction stay far from my family. More than likely he will never get a DUI. I do not need to worry about him doing jail time or needing a lawyer to get out of trouble. I do nor fear an accident that might total my car nor a charge of vehicular homicide. More than likely these things will never happen to us. We also do not have to worry about drug addiction and the sorrows of coping with that kind of problem.

I am also thankful that my husband does not suffer with a porn addiction or any other kind of sex issue. I do not have to fear what he is looking at on the computer or worry about where he is, or who he is with, or if he might be having an affair, or that he might come home to leave me and the children for a younger, prettier woman. My man is faithful to me and because of that faithfulness, my children can rest in the fact that even though we might have an occasional difference of opinion, their parents are planning on staying married for life. Therefore our children will more than likely never be ripped from their home, forced to chose between mother and father or sister or brother. Their relationships will stay in tact and nothing will fracture relationships in this family, except themselves. I am hoping that they will carry their friendships with each other into adult life. So far, so good.

Christopher, is not addicted to video games or obsessed with sports. This means I do not have to worry about him being up on the internet at 3 am addicted to some game he can not stop playing. He might challenge one of the children to an occasional game on the WEI (which we hardly ever use) but our family needs not worry about an addiction. Plus he is a Washington Redskins Fan and does like to catch the game, but he is not obsessed with the sport like other men might be. We are not left high and dry during a sports season. He likes the game and knows who all the players are and if we are not doing anything does want to see the game, but we do not suffer “loss of time with dad” because he follows a sports team.

A few years back my husband suffered a health issue and it nearly devastated our family, but he took every part of his recovery seriously. He changed his diet, started going to the gym and he lost weight. Today he is maintaining good health and because we almost lost our father/husband, our family realizes the benefits of a father who takes good care of himself. We do not take that for granted.

Christopher Scott is a faithful man. For over thirty years he has supported our family every day. We do not have to worry about where dad is. We always know. Dad is at work and when he is not at work, he is home with us. Some families don’t know where their father is, other families never have meals together, nor stop and talk about their day. In other families their father has little to no input into their lives and time passes them by. Before the dad knows it his children are grown. It is so sad.

Christopher, from your love and support, we find life. From your walk with God, we find Godly Counsel. What more wonderful than the blessings that come from a faithful man, and from generations of faithful men. His father, my father, my husband, are all men of God and now our married son is one too. If ever there was a reason to follow the Lord, this is one benefit. To live with a faithful man. Thank you Jesus!

WHY FOLLOW THE LORD?? Because there are benefits! Psalm 103 says, “Forget not all His benefits.” If you are married to a Godly man, thank him for avoiding the pitfalls that sin brings and for the the blessings of a Godly husband!

One Response to Father’s Day 2013: A Godly Man

  1. chr

    Thank you my bride for your sweet comments. Words cannot describe how much I feel for you, I adore you. I have grown as a man over the 34-years of marriage that I am blessed so much by my Proverbs 31 woman. It takes an amazing woman to complete a man.

    I love you so very much. Christopher

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