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20 Children for Michelle Duggar! “How selfish!!”

Posted by on November 8, 2011

Michelle Duggar is at it again and at 45 years old has conceived her 20th child! Of course I think this is fabulous, but there are many onlookers blogging across America today calling the Duggars “selfish.”

I find this hard to believe that anyone would call the parents of a large family “selfish.” I am the mother of 8 ranging in age from 7-28 yr. and I know it takes ALL of a person’s energy, and ALL of their time and ALL of their money and basically ALL of themselves to parent a large family. A person must give up their life’s ambitions in the ultimate sacrifice of love and servant hood. A parent of a large family never gets the breaks that other parents get because they have to give “love” 24/7, laying down their lives for their families. How in the world is this “selfish?”

I know, I know people are thinking global population explosion and all but here in America our birth rate is falling and falling quickly, so that “argument” does not really hold water, at least not here in the USA. Some might say the Duggar children will use up all the resources, but again that is also a bit absurd because in reality they will be contributors to the social system as needed workers for our aging population; many of whom did not birth needed children who could work and pay into the social security system.

The thing I find  interesting  is how the naysayers and those who throw stones are the ones who could be labeled as having been “selfish” themselves.They are expecting social security to be available when they retire but they did not serve the system by producing the needed allotment of future workers to contribute on their behalf. Most often these are the “selfish” ones. They  birthed their 1.2 children and spoiled them with everything, then filled our landfills with their waste by not recycling their clothes, toys and other items because they had no further children in their own families. Whose to say who the true wasters of resources are?

I just turned 50 and I still have five children  at home and will spend the glourious remainder of my next decade getting them ready for life. Most of the parents I know have already graduated their 1.2 children and now they are spending their days at the gym, traveling, running their businesses or engulfed in self-serving careers. Their lives no longer about their children, but now are completely about themselves. Whose to say these are not our true “selfish ones”.

Giving our heart and our lives to another generation is about building the future. If the Duggars or anyone else for that matter wishes to give themselves to this awesome task, more power to them! Those who are “without sin” can cast the first stone…R

11 Responses to 20 Children for Michelle Duggar! “How selfish!!”

  1. Clyde Yarbro

    Wow, I thought 20 Children for Michelle Duggar! “How selfish!!” Birthing God's Mighty Warriors was an interesting article.

  2. SR

    This is such a good post. At least they have a respect and love for life. I am glad our Lord did not see fit to give me twenty, but as I you think and feel if they can do this, it is great. As far as I can see they are doing a great job. The girls look like girls, the boys look like boys, they behave as such, and are normal kids as far as I can tell, and seem to be happy. What more would anyone want? Good post and God Bless, SR

  3. Anita Chamblee

    Love this…I have had so much on my mind regarding the whole issue of living for self. I see it at its ugliest within my extended family. It breaks my heart! I am the homeschooling mom of seven, ages 3-27….we are expecting our fourth grandchild in February and I am looking forward to continuing our homeschooling journey. By the time my 3 year old is finished we will have 39 years as homeschooling parents. I can’t think of anything else I would rather do!

  4. Perceived By Matthew

    Very interesting post indeed! A new perspective on “selfishness” I am a 23 year old Husband and a Father of 2 boys and 1 boy on the way. My wife and I decided that we too would let God decide how many children we should have, because the bible says that children are HIS heritage and a reward. Our families obviously hates the belief that my wife and I share but it is what we think is right. People ask God to bless us everyday yet they abort their blessings or just try to “control” it with birth “control”. My oldest son is 4 and my youngest is 2 and we will be homeschooling our children as well. As for the Duggars, At te age of 45 Michelle Duggar can say “I am blessed, and highly favored.”

  5. theresa

    the duggar are a GOD FEAR FAMILY WHO HAVE BEEN BLESS BY HIM WITH EVERCHILD God has give them they own no any money they owne there buss and know one has the right to junges them for it

  6. Renee Garcia

    Love this post!!! We are praying for a very healthy mom and baby!

  7. Rachel Scott

    I AGREE! It is awful the things being said about them on blogs across the country, this is why I wrote my blog in defense of their cause. Did you see I have a free download of my book,”Birthing God’s Mighty Warriors”, it is about birthing a large family for God.

  8. Rachel Scott

    We will pray for a heathy pregnancy! Did you see that I offer a free download of my book Birthing God’s Mighty Warriors. Rachel

  9. Rachel Scott

    Yes, she is blessed! Did you see that I offer a free download of my book Birthing God’s Mighty Warriors, it is about birthing a family for God…you might like it…thanks for commenting! Rachel

  10. Joe Sparks

    “Selfishness”? maybe not, however “self-righteousness” and “ignorance” come to mind.

  11. holly

    I don’t know what what you guys are on, but from what I have observed, most parents of one or two children don’t pamper them BUT they do sacrifice a lot of their time to be there for them more than they could ever give to 20 individually. Maybe the population CURVE is decreasing but the actual population IS increasing. Any fool could look that up. It makes me sick when I see so many people in public areas. And here is the no brainer: the more children, the more they eat. Someday these kids will want their own big families with their our big houses and gas guzzling vans/buses. All the sudden, 2 people (gandkids included) could multiply by 200! (you do the math). You think that doesn’t strain resources? If these parents really were not selfish, they would have adopted some of the 130 million orphans that are already on this earth with no one to love them.

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