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Posted by on February 19, 2011

Feb 18, 2011, today the US House of Representatives did it, they had enough guts to cut the budget where it really needed cutting and that is by savings federal taxpayers $386 million dollars a year that is allocated to Planned Parenthood.

Abortion rights advocates know their days might be ending. Their greatest fear is that we will go after Griswald next!   Griswald vs. Connecticut is the 1965 supreme court ruling that gave people the right to legalize all forms of birth control and to bring birth control devices in from foreign countries. I don’t think they have much to worry about.

However pushing back Griswald would be quite a feat but do we really want to take everyone’s birth control away? What good would that do? One thing it could do is lower the divorce rate  and bring massive savings to taxpayers.

Divorce is the greatest epidemic of the 20th century and divorce rates climbed exponentinally once Griswald was passed, so it might not be a bad idea. Divorce and the legalization of birth control go hand in hand.

Think of all the money the US government has to pay as the result of divorce? When men abandon women and their children the federal government must step in with assistance for the single mother. They pay rent, food stamps, cash assistance to needy families, medical bills, tax refunds for families living under the poverty line, free school lunches and free college tuition. Instead of going after Griswald we need to think of the savings if we outlawed divorce.



  1. Rob

    I’m all for seeing Planned Parenthood defunded. We tragically have a massive PP “temple” just south of Houston and there’s a tangible sense of evil whenever you drive past it.

  2. ben

    I agree that PP is evil and deadly unbiblical and unspiritual.

    I guess what we are seeing around the globe this days are for the best of those who trust in GOD. This is a good time for our faith to be tested. GOD is in the midst even if we are facing with fearful events everywhere.

    what a good time to draw near to our Creator.

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