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VASECTOMY:Unlocking the Mystery of Christian Divorce

Posted by on January 5, 2011

The vasectomy advertises that a man can have, “All the pleasures of sex without the fear of getting his partner pregnant.” What man is not going to want this? The number one problem men face with sex: they want to enjoy it, but a child means commitment. One moment of pleasure turns into twenty years of responsibility. The vasectomy takes this problem away forever. It’s great! Most men figure, why not go for it?  

A vasectomy to most men is a no-brainer!—

especially after a man has given life to several

children and is comfortable with his family size.

He figures he’s being a good dad to the children

he already has, so why not accept this operation

as his reproductive finale? With an inexpensive

outpatient surgery being advertised on gigantic

billboards and on the Internet, it’s easy to be

convinced that it’s time to get clipped and move on.

In some marriages it is the men who really want it. They see it as a way to gain pleasure, lose responsibility, and an open door if he ever wants to mess around, although few men would tell their spouses this. They’re mentally anticipating the possibilities that might arise once they are fixed. In some relationships the desire for the vasectomy reveals the underlying struggle between the male and the female for dominance in the marriage. Sometimes it is the women who make their husband get fixed. She tells him, “I had the pain of having the babies; now you’re going to be the one who gets fixed!” The men submit, often reluctantly with what she wants. Her dominance and his submission are a statement of her ultimate control (but that’s a whole other book), but not for the Braveheart’s of this world, they are not letting anyone mess with their manhood! They tell their wives, “If you do not want to get pregnant you will have to figure out something for you because I am NEVER getting clipped!” (You can hear the testosterone roar!)

God gave the man the innate desire to achieve greatness!  Men are motivated by a deep need to imprint themselves and struggle to leave their mark. This is why they build buildings and compete in business, and sports, fight in wars, and long for respect. This is why male animals leave their scent and fight the other male to the death. A male must stake out his territory. This is why getting fixed is detrimental for male lovers. It is not just a little snip; it is the severing of a gift and it disconnects the man from the emotional power God gave him to achieve true greatness.

(*Excerpt from Birthing God’s Mighty Warriors by Rachel Scott)

4 Responses to VASECTOMY:Unlocking the Mystery of Christian Divorce

  1. Rob

    “In some relationships the desire for the vasectomy reveals the underlying struggle between the male and the female for dominance in the marriage.” I think that comment alone speaks tomes. I’ve researched and prayed about this issue a great deal, and have long felt an overwhelming sense that surgical sterilization like this is foundationally against God’s design for the body (particularly when I started reading about men experiencing something called “chronic pain syndrome” following the operation…)

    Thank you for posting this.

  2. ben

    I believe it is not the will of God for men to get the snip or any other method. The fear that society love to generate ofcourse influencing by the the devil lead to people doing all sorts of things that they forget about who really that is in control.

    It is the fear that drives people nuts. GOD is supposed to be the centre and foundation of all things

  3. Amy Dolan

    I wanted a fourth baby. DH, who came from a family of seven children and knows firsthand the sacrifices involved, did not. With me a stay-at-home homeschooling mom, he carried the full burden as the sole income earner for the family. He felt that three children was enough. I prayerfully submitted to his decision to get a vasectomy. Afterwards, once the prospect of more children was no longer an issue, DH felt a tremendous burden of anxiety was lifted. He renewed his commitment to being a more involved dad and a more devoted husband.

    Perhaps some will dismiss this as a lack of faith on my husband’s part, but God has greatly blessed our marriage and our family since DH made that decision many years ago. I respect that other families may be lead differently.

  4. Rachel Scott

    Every person must hear for themselves and know that they will answer for their decisions, but if I might ask, how did you feel to have missed out on the blessing of your fourth child? How do you handle the ocassional feelings of sorrow that arose whenever you thought about how much you might have liked to have a fourth child? He felt a burden lift financially but what about you and your desires? What about your heart? My questions is what did happen after he committed to being a better father, did he ever find that he wished he had a few more children? The thoughts may have come even if they were never spoken. Life has a way of showing us these things. No matter what reason we use for getting one, I believe sterilizations hurt relationships. The vasectomy was created by nonbelievers with the hope of rendering a man infertile. The operation costs money, breaks down a perfectly working body system, changes your husband’s sexual response and could risks the long term health of your breadwinner. I woonder if you had it to do all over again, would the two of you feel the same way?

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