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Unlocking The Mystery Of Christian Divorce Part 4: The Act of Motherhood

Posted by on December 31, 2010

Shortly after a woman gets her first positive pregnancy test she realizes that her life will never be the same because motherhood has now entered. Birthing children brings great pain and yet also great pleasure to women. This may be one reason why women enjoy going to a baby shower; it is a reminder for them of the pleasure of having a baby. The younger women comment about how lucky the pregnant recipient is and how much they wish they too could be pregnant with a child. The mature mothers say they are hoping for grandchildren soon. If infants are there, the women pass them around expressing their need for a “baby fix.” Baby showers reveal the natural desire women have to give love and to be loved.
It doesn’t take long for new mothers to realize “motherhood rocks!” “Mommy” becomes the star of their child’s life and what women is not going to like this kind of attention? Women thrive on loving their children. They have so much love to give and in motherhood they find the satisfaction they’ve been longing for all their lives. Children make women feel special in ways their lover never could. Maybe it is because children are our flesh and blood; our hearts intertwine with each other before our children are ever born and then at birth they instantly love us. No one will EVER love a woman or care about her more than her children!
“I want my mommy!” It is Mother who children long to see and Mother is the one who they come home from war to hug and Mother is the one they want to share their thoughts with and when Mother becomes old she is the one they are concerned about. She sustains them throughout life. A million highs from a promotion at work or from finding a shopping bargain will never do for a woman what her children will do for her! Children bring joy to the deepest places in a woman’s soul, yet our society has been against women having too many. We pressure women to stop being reproductive.
Currently two out of every three married women between the ages of 35 yr. and 45 yr. have been sterilized! This means 25% of the female adult population in America, including God’s people, can no longer have children and quite often her infertility is by “choice.”
Offspring represent the fruit of her union with her lover but what if he makes it clear he doesn’t want to have children with her or he wants to greatly limit the amount she can have, what does this do to the female lover? Can she be O.K. with him when he wants to limit her expression of love? When her arms are empty and another mother’s are full, will she be O.K. or will she resent him or regret her own birth control decisions?
Men do not realize that it is easy for a woman to feel insecure inside in her heart. We are very emotional creatures! We have a longing to know we are loved. In a good marriage a good man will make his wife feel secure in his love, secure in herself declaring she is lovable and he will provide an emotional escape where she can feel vulnerable and safe with him. When her insecurities arise she can lean on him and his love makes her feel confident. The woman will rest secure that even where she is weak or inadequate her husband finds her fascinating. If he has demonstrated his love by committing himself to her and to their home nothing is greater! The vicious cycle birth control use has created for the woman has not brought happiness. Once men can get sex without committal women find it is all down hill. The men act like jerks, so the women don’t want to stay because they no longer need the man for financial reasons. Women leave all the while searching for the “good man” who will love her and be true to their love. The woman finds a new guy and when she gives him sex she finds he starts squirming about commitment, telling her he doesn’t really want children. The women say, “If you like it you better put a ring on it and commit,” but the men don’t have to commit because they can get the sex without it.
Whether a woman stays at home, works from home or is out in the workforce every woman feels best when she knows she has a committed spouse who loves her, who wants children with her and a future of togetherness. There is no greater love for any woman. It is the true life fairytale!
(*Excerpt from Birthing God’s Mighty Warriors by Rachel Scott)

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