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Rebuilding the Family Mountain: THE PILL Unlocking the mystery of Christian Divorce Part 1

Posted by on December 28, 2010
For generations Christian marriages and families lead society, yet today our marriages are failing, our families are falling apart and our divorce rate is often higher than those who do not know the Lord. It’s quite evident we’re failing!

Christian leaders made news recently when they speculated about what was causing the escalating epidemic of divorce among believers. In the end their exact reasons and their solutions remained clouded, which is quite interesting, because the truth is not hidden and the answer is not complicated. It is so simple: the breakdown of marriage and family occurred when believers made the same choices as the unchurched.

The problem began in the bedroom. When believers starting doing the same things as the “worldly people” around them, family anarchy resulted. Historically God’s people had stood against birth control, but in 1930 Christian and Jewish leaders were pressured, by ungodly atheists to allow its use. It took until 1960 before these people could get resistant religious leaders to give full support for birth control but once they gave in we began to loose the family hook, line and sinker.

Birth control made headlines Mother’s Day weekend 1960 when the medical establishment introduced the world’s first birth control pill. It had been largely funded by atheist Margaret Sanger, the now famous abortionist who founded Planned Parenthood. People everywhere, including many churchgoers accepted this new pill as a breakthrough for their sex lives indicating a monumental shift in attitudes about contraceptives. The pill’s advertising propaganda was very convincing. It was first marketed to married couples pointing out that sex had a reproduction problem: the fear of pregnancy. Couples were told the new little pill could prevent pregnancy and help them to really enjoy “sex.” Desiring a solution to a perceived problem the pill’s marketers were brilliant!

The pill seemed as if it was a gift for marriages, but a gift from whom? It was created by a vicious abortionist! This was not a gift a follower of Christ should have wanted but once God’s people believed their sex lives needed fixing, an entire generation of believers chose to fall away from God’s plan for the family. The birth control pill overrode God and His plan to bring precious children to marriages but for those who wanted to gain greater sexual freedom, the birth control pill was perfect!

Believers should have rejected this new contraceptive and preachers should have shouted their objections from the highest Heavens but instead the opposite occurred. The minister’s wife, lay ministers and fellow parishioners wanted this abortionist’s clever new invention and ran to their doctors begging for a prescription. Even though previously, birth control had been considered ungodly to use, now it was suddenly “correct.” Under the guise of sexual freedom the pill was quietly being accepted in top evangelical circles. With the combination of a new form of birth control, a silent pulpit and Christian leadership embracing the new sexual revolution is it any surprise that within thirteen years after the birth control pill came on the scene, believers joined nonbelievers in legalizing abortion!  Our birth control created a new idol for ourselves that led believers away from God’s plan for the family and eventually caused us to kill innocent babies! In our hearts we wanted the sex but we no longer wanted our own offspring.

Be not deceived God is not mocked, whatever you sew you will also reap! (Galatians 6:9) Sadly, God’s people began reaping. The Lord allowed judgement to come on church leadership for their silent acceptance. Beginning in the 1970s and 1980s sex scandals rocked evangelical circles, pastor’s had affairs with church secretaries and ran off with church treasuries and even missionaries divorced and had affairs. Prior to acceptance of contraceptives, marriages had rarely failed and divorce had been nil, single parenthood had only come as the result of the death of a spouse. Suddenly in the late 1960s and early 1970s, churches had to start support groups for blended families and ministries for single mothers because the breakdown of the family was everywhere in both society and church life.

Also during that time birth control use was pushed on young church going couples who were contemplating marriage and sex books were written for believers stating that sex was God’s gift for “pleasure seekers.” These teachers claimed the Bible was “silent” about how we were to conduct our sex lives. This rhetoric was a dramatic shift from previous historical teachings on marriage and sex. At other times in church history, these books, beliefs and ideas would have been considered heresy!

Yet this new idea of being able to control sex was tempting for churchgoers. It seemed so much easier for each couple to decide what works best by not allowing God to bring children they didn’t want to be messing with. In the Christian culture marriages were now transitioning from the goal of birthing and raising a Godly seed to believing that, “If we have a whole bunch of children to raise, we can’t be missionaries or serve in our churches or work our jobs and it will be harder to give money to others because we will be too busy feeding our children and providing for them.” The other popular teaching that came forth during this time, “God does not care how many children we have, it is our spiritual children that are most important, so why should we waste our time trying to have physical children, instead we should be out evangelizing.”

The fruit of this rhetoric has not been good. It is now 50 years since the first birth control pill was released, abortion is in its 37th year and the majority of believers have no idea that birth control use was not the solution for their marriages. It has brought the demise of many relationships and produced untold sorrow in sex lives. No wonder we’re leaving our marriages right and left. Its quite evident our way has failed. We must repent and return to God’s plan for the family. It is the answer.

(*Excerpt from Birthing God’s Mighty Warriors by Rachel Scott)

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