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When Quiverfull Mothers miscarry…

Posted by on September 24, 2010

For the quiverfull mother who has been having baby after baby, the sorrow of an unexpected miscarriage might be especially hard to handle, often creating raw emotions. “Its like being hit with a 90 mile/ hour baseball out of left field.” This was how one 43 year old quiverfull mother of eleven explained it. Even though aging mothers know miscarriage rates do go up due to hormonal changes and aging wombs, many feel miscarriage will never happen to them. But when it does happen these mothers who have always been fertile at the drop of a hat often find this new reality quite hard to accept.

One quiverful mother put it this way, “I think we all view ourselves as always being able to get pregnant or that pregnancy kind of defines us so when we suddenly can’t be pregnant we don’t know how to categorize these emotions.”

What is worse is who to tell. Who can a quiverfull mom share with who will fully understand what she is going through? Most of her friends are probably not quiverfull mothers and even those who are might not be experiencing these issues yet. Her suffering is most often done in silence because no one really understands, not even a caring husband and as if her pain is not enough when she does share, comments from others only multiply her pain. “Why are you so upset you already have other children!” This comment was made to one of my quiverfull girlfriends. The woman did not mean if to sound harsh but the quiverfull mother of 7 wanted to shout back, “You have no idea what I am feeling!” People assume a quiverfull¬†mother should not be as sad because she already has a quiver “full.” What they fail to realize is that the quiverfull mother who is deeply committed to God’s plan understands her loss probably more than others could.

“After so much blessing, is this how my fertility will end suffering a loss?” These mothers are¬†crying out to God for answers to the deep questions of their hearts. “If this is the end how will I accept your sovereign will, Oh God?”

“Dear Lord please grant your supernatural sustaining grace to these dear mothers!” Amen!

One Response to When Quiverfull Mothers miscarry…

  1. Dani

    Thank you for this post. I go back and forth between “quiverfull” giving it all to God to decide and some barrier method birth control. But, I recently felt like leaving it alone and letting God do His thing either way and I just suffered a miscarriage. I have 3 children and this was my first miscarriage. It hurt very much and I do hope that I will be able to have more children. I’m only 27, but we can’t take for granted that our health will always be good enough to sustain more children. It was an early miscarriage, so I probably would be physically able to conceive very soon, but I feel like I should work at being more healthy to avoid another miscarriage. It may not have had to do with health, but I do suspect I may have had low progesterone.
    My mom ended up getting her tubes tied because of very bad health issues when she was pretty young – under 30 I think. So, that is in my mind too.
    Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I appreciated this.

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