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The day that changed America and the new baby boom

Posted by on November 3, 2009


The devastating attack on American on 9-11-01 was an assault on our hopes, our dreams, our values and our standards. The shock and sorrow of losing 3000+ of our fellow Americans drew us closer together as a nation and as individuals. We reached out beyond ourselves to embrace the sorrow and pain of those around us and we drew closer as a nation and to our families. Something shifted in our hearts that fateful day as on the evening of 9/11/01 former ABC news anchor Peter Jennings seemed to captured the nation’s emotions when he encouraged Americans to gather our families together and hold them close.

For the first time in a long time “PEOPLE” seemed to matter more to us than our “THINGS” and what we thought was important suddenly wasn’t.

After 9/11/01 it seemed as if Americans everywhere started re-examining their lives seeking answers to the emptiness that they were feeling. Since family brings warmth, stability and closeness, there became an obvious shift toward the pursuit of family ideals.

Since 2001 the emphasis on “family” has seemingly come to the forefront and gained momentum as those who are now in their childbearing years are enthusiastically embracing the idea of “pregnancy, birth and family” more than it has been embraced in several generations. There is an increase in couples expressing their desire for children and some are not limiting themselves to the standard family of one boy and one girl but are instead desiring a larger family. They are adding a third, fourth and sometimes fifth child who is both a planned and welcomed addition to the family!


I am sure that feminists are scratching their heads trying to figure out what went wrong after an entire generation of women dismissed motherhood for careers and now it seems this younger generation is not as enthused. These younger counterparts appear to be reverting back to the traditions of home, husband and children. Maybe it is because women are finally fed up with feminists ideals that robbed them of their ability to love and nurture those who are most dear.  Feminism has failed women and whether feminists want to admit it or not, this failure is causing this shift to occur. Because of God’s divine providence, His agenda for earth is coming forth which is to bring life…

When I was writing “BIRTHING GOD’S MIGHTY WARRIORS” it took from 1997-2004, during that time the Lord impressed two verses on my heart to apply to my third chapter; a chapter which talks about the history of birth control. These verses were: Jeremiah 29:10,11 and Psalm 95:11. At first I simply inserted them. However by the time the book was completed in 2004 I began to understand the powerful prophetic significance of these verses and how they applied to the shift back toward family ideals that is occurring today.


The chapter that these two verses applied to happened to be the chapter where I exposed the history of birth control explaining how we got to where we are today. A history that has rarely been taught. Once given the proper history these verses are very applicable for today.

It seems that since the first peoples there has been reliable birth control but believers rejected its use down through time because the purpose for using it went against God’s plan for mankind. His people strictly obeyed God’s first commandment, “be fruitful and multiply” (Genesis 1:28) as was evident not only when they were slaves in Egypt but throughout the Old and New Testament. There is evidence of strong families some were large and some smaller but all clearly following in the path of God without question or compromise!

God’s people remained in agreement on birth control until…

1930 the Anglican Church (Episcopalians) decided at their annual conference that the Anglicans would change their views and doctrine on birth control. For the first time in history a “Christian denomination” formally decided that they were no longer going to strictly obey Genesis1:28! Instead they deemed it O.K.for a female to use birth control inextreme emergency situations.

Their ruling was very rigid but was still an “open door” that change was being implemented.

Scripture had not changed but the Great Depression had started and females demanded relief from many things including childbearing. Even
though the word of God is everlasting and does not change throughout history these ministry leaders allowed human reasoning to interfere. Once
clergy decided that it was time for God’s people to cease from strictly adhering to Genesis 1:28 commandment,”be fruitful and multiply, ” soon
other Protestant denominations followed with similar rulings. About the same time the Jewish Rabbis in North America agreed to a similar change
in their doctrines as well. However the Amish, the Orthodox Jews, the Mormons, the Roman Catholics, and random denominational minsters who
held a personal conviction against birth control, all held a firm position against these changes.

For the next 70 years between 1930-2001almost every Protestant denomination jumped on to the “birth control” band wagon and allowed their couples to use it without provocation. Children born during those 70 years were not informed about this change in doctrine, nor were they told that birth control “used to be a sin”, instead the
subject was rarely discussed. But in those 70 years; the legalization of murder by abortion, mass use of birth control by couples and the idea that children are our “personal choice” came into focus.

Several generations fell into Babylonian thinking (Babylon in scripture usually refers to human thinking and ideals) and the traditional family of: mother/father, a loving marriage that produces loving children, fell apart in both society and in churches. People left God’s “ideal” and what resulted
were 70+ years of pain and suffering for families.


Is it also a sheer coincidence that in the aftermath of 9/11/01 people all over America seemed to be realizing the value of their families and a resurgence to birth children is occurring?

I can’t help but believe this Old testament scripture that God impressed on my heart had a direct application in this situation. Jeremiah 29:10-11.   “When 70 years are completed (1930-2001), I will come to you and fulfill my gracious promise to bring you back to this place (Americans came back to believing in “the family” once again). For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a future and a hope.” (children are not only our heritage but are our hope for the future).


May 9th 1960, the day after Mother’s Day, the first birth control pill came out.

Initially some religious voices fought it arguing that it could thwart God’s will but their objections fell on deaf ears. Within a year of its release both
the National Council and the World Council of Churches approved its use in 1961. They rationalized that the pill was best for handling over population,
decreasing the rate of abortion, preventing diseases and encouraging economic freedom.Their reasoning was that with less mouths to feed a
parent would enjoy their children.

The ministers rationalized that birth control would create a utopian world where “less children” in a family would mean more of everything for the “wanted” children.  But this experiment did not pan out like the ministrial leaders envisioned it would. Yes from 1961-2001 families had become smaller but when parents no longer needed to spend their efforts on child rearing they spent their efforts engaging their own desires. The pursued careers, recreation, sports, hobbies and sexual liasons. They bought bigger cars and houses and spent excess cash on vacations. Yes, it appeared that families were living better with less mouths to fill but if it was so great for everyone involved then how come during this 40 years there was more child abuse than ever, more divorce than ever, more psychotherapy needed than ever and more sexual abuse and sexual perversion than ever? Those 40 years (1961-2001) were “hell on earth” for families. Every form of sin imagained was released. Children did not benefit as was first supposed but instead had to endure divorce, single parent homes, incest, rape, seperations, rejection and many other forms of physical and psychological abuse.

This is why Psalm 95:11, the other Old Testament verse God impressed upon my heart is also applicable “For 40 years I was angry with that generation, they are a people whose hearts have gone astray. They refuse to do what I say. In my anger I made a vow, “They will never enter my rest.”

Those 40 years (19651-2001) reaped the fulfillment of a generation whose hearts were led astray by the compromise of something that seems so little.
A subtle compromise during sex that protects one partner from the other. Something trivial that built a wall of resentment and a wedge that stiffled
many a relationship and caused many a marrriage to end in divorce. These events and attitudes are a clear fulfillment of Psalm 95:11 which said
those whose hearts were led astray would never entered God’s rest!

In fact those 40 years 1961-2001 saw the most unrest in the family unit that society has ever seen in the history of the USA!

After 40 years of abuse and after 70 years of “babylonian” thinking we are being brought back to the place where we first started to mess up.

Was it by sheer coincidance that on the same day 9/11/01 both verses (Jeremiah 29:10-11, Psalm 95:11) reached fulfillment and the nation’s hearts shifted back to “love of family?” How could one event cause such emotion? In an instant our families became very, very important to us.

Since 2001, there is a clear desire for “family” on this new generation of parents. This change of heart started slowly and was barely apparent at first and I might add that it did not start with a broad spectrrum of God’s people. No, instead after 2001 this move of God has become more apparent in society than it has in our churches. Hollywood’s elite seem very happy to be taking part in this new baby boom. The world is watching them as they spread the wonderful message all over the world that “the joy of family” is important once again!!!!!

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