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Posted by on March 11, 2010

The family needs to be restored and this mountain reclaimed pure and simple. I have dedicated my life to seeing this mountain restored but so far I am finding a HUGE DISCONNECTION. It appears that we do not understand this mountain. Marriages do need to be healed, families do need to be restored, relationships do need to be mended and abortion does need to cease. Agreed. But how are we going to get from point A to point B?

Do we write another marriage book? Do we create yet another retreat? Do we continue to fast and pray over abortion again and again? Do we continue along the same path, because the path we are on is not reaping success.

There was a specific point, a moment in time where our leaders were overcome by society and compromised and when they did the family fell apart. The family fell apart after 1960. Are we going to recognize this?

The message in Birthing God’s Mighty Warriors outlines our sin and calls for repentance.

O where are the mighty men and women of old who are willing to do what it takes to see a task through to fulfillment. Where are those with eyes to see and ears to hear and with uncompromising hearts?



  1. Fruitful Harvest

    Hi there I Rachel~

    I just found the link to your blog from the Quiverfull Digest (I finally got around to reading)
    I saw you on the Born to Breed show awhile back…..I don’t usually watch that sort of thing but read about it from the Jeub’s blog.
    I could most relate to you…Hubby and I have 6 kiddos so far….but I still am nursing my 2 1/2yr old so I think that is why we are not pregnant again.
    We are a Catholic family and really never liked the idea of birth control and used a loose form NFP up until our 4th child was born. Then tosses that out and leave the whole thing in GOD’s care. Even with NFP we were open to God’s plan….we only used it loosley…I never charted or took my temp.
    My hubby is in construction and we homeschool on and off…I pray about what is right for each child.
    I blog too if you’d like to come say hi?!

    Warm Blessings,

  2. Rachel Scott

    Hi there, not sure if I had replied or not. I did visit your blog. Quite nice. I would like to link you to me, but I am a newbie at this blogging thing and am not quite sure how to do that if you can figure it out please let me know and I will link you. Rachel

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