Stay at Home Mothers Trend on the Rise, Baffles Researchers

Tuesday April 8th 2014, the Washington Post reported, “A newly released Pew Research Study examined the demographic and economic factors driving the rise in stay-at-home moms; a phenomenon that sociologists are still attempting to understand.”

After decades of decline, the amount of mothers who are choosing to stay at home with their children has been on the rise since 2000, while at the same time the percentage of working women started to decline. Researchers find these two facts “interesting and hard to understand.
Can we Laugh out loud now? Here’s some news for the baffled researchers…”Hey researchers, women want to be with their children! They don’t want to drag them out of bed at 5:30am, to drop them at daycare by 6:30am to head to work alone, while missing all the joys of why they had the children in the first place. Unless a woman has a fantastic, high paying job, or one she thoroughly enjoys, she will do most anything else to stay at home instead!” and the only thing that will stop her from desiring to stay at home is a life situation that can not be avoided. “2005_3_mothers day

I have said on my blog countless times, women want to be mothers and if given a choice, mothers want to stay home! The working-outside-of-the-home-while-your-children-are -small idea simply does not work well for families. It does not work for the women, it does not work for the family, it does not work for the children!

Often the children are with other caregivers while missing their mothers, the working mother is at her job missing her children and before a mother realizes it, she “blinks” the years have passed, the kids are grown and it’s over, and she missed things she did not want to miss. Regrets.

Finally after decades, these heartfelt regrets have occurred in a sufficient amount of families and to an increasing degree of mothers that now a new generation of young women are saying, “ENOUGH” we still want careers but we’re not doing things the same way anymore. The trend towards career oriented, educated mothers who are choosing to stay-at-home will continue because women are realizing they are “fed up” with the idea that told women they had to escape the very thing they now have come back home too. Mother’s miss their babies, mother’s miss their hugs, and a career, well that can wait because it’s not worth missing out on the kiddos anymore. Women have far too much LOVE stored up inside of their hearts to waste it in the workforce, when given the choice, home is where they want to be.

“The day care/latchkey kids of the last several decades do not want to do the same thing to their children.”

The demographers will try to blame this trend on “younger mothers who are less educated” or on the “rise in immigrant mothers” adding to the stay at home mommy numbers, but ladies, we know better. These polls reflect the heart of young mothers today; they want to spend time with their children and if it means making sacrifices to stay home, then home sweet home is where this generation will be! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY 2014!!

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A Vasectomy today DOES NOT SAVE The Planet Tomorrow

On a visit to Indonesia, India or China, where the streets are filled with wall to wall people, a natural reaction might be that, “Something must be done about the exploding population.” Theorizing that if there were only less people, then others would have more resources. In this hypothesis, it would make sense to sterilize every male and female to prevent an increased population, yet if we did sterilize the fertile people, how might this endanger our species? crowd_1

 No matter which belief one might justify how the universe came into existence, when we look at nature we cannot deny the balance of order established at the invention of time. According to this order, both male and female contribute to the process of continuing ancestry. In nature there is observable evidence that whenever a species did not continue its reproductive processes, it ceased to exist. Yet for thousands of years, humankind attempted to alter the reproductive order of his own species by using various methods of birth control and sexual abstention. These attempts were weak at best and never one hundred percent reliable. What is more important humankind could not alter the natural function of the human reproductive system nor could we put a halt to the reproductive activity which led to generations continually reproducing.

After the discovery of the vas deferens in the 1500s and the first vasectomy in the early 1800s, the opinion was that men could eventually alter their virility through an operative method. After experimenting on prisoners and the physically handicapped, at the turn of the last century, the vasectomy operation was somewhat perfected and men began to give their reproductive capacities over to the knife. About the same time, female tubal ligation methods improved allowing both the male and female to permanently alter their fertility capabilities. After the breakthrough of the birth control pill in 1960, and with the introduction of artificial hormones, it was clear that humankind was well on its way to ceasing its reproductive powers and altering the natural order of the species. By slowing down human reproduction, the eventual goal would be zero population growth.

 Interestingly, this was not without paying a price for these choices. For several generations now, couples have been decreasing their family size, yet where ever these artificial hormones were used, reproductive cancers escalated. Breast, cervical, uterine, scrotal, penile, and prostate cancers which had always been extremely rare, rapidly increased to epidemic proportions after the widespread use of artificial birth control hormones. Is it merely coincidental that globally in 2013, the number one cancer for women is breast cancer and the number one cancer for men is prostate cancer? Yet, researchers continue to point out that this is merely coincidental and continue to claim there is no connection between the increased use of artificial hormones, sterilization operations and the reproductive cancers that are resulting. However these cancers did not plague humankind before our participation in reproductive birth control measures.

Falling Rates of global fertility is another concern. July 15, 2013, the U.S. Wall Street Journal reported findings from The European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology Annual Conference. Doctors looked at several studies that appear to show a global decrease in sperm counts. 26,000 men were studied from 1989-2005 and sperm counts fell by one-third. In the USA some historical data also suggested a decrease in sperm count among American men. Proponents say the exposure to pesticides, and lifestyle habits are to blame. Cigarette smoking, exposure to hot water, fatty foods, use of recreational marijuana and increased alcoholic consumption, plus endocrine altering chemicals in shampoo/deodorants and sedentary jobs, are external factors affecting the gentle cycle of sperm. With great potential, these outside influences will increase in the future causing further effects on the male reproductive cycle. Scientists are aware of the data and note these forces are contributing elements but not every researcher agrees there is a global crisis on decreasing sperm counts. Previous studies showed that sperm counts, like many other things do cycle, yet after coordinated studies in Europe, Richard Sharpe, a male reproduction specialist from the University of Edinburgh, found as few as one in five young men had sperm counts low enough to affect fertility. Currently researchers are keeping an eye on the situation but claim that it’s a toss up right now, yet if current data continues a few generations from now, we might be leaning towards an overall decreasing global sperm count, where slowly evolving mutations in the gene pool, will lead to a severe decrease in male reproductive capabilities.

 For the zero population growth globalists, who fear an increasing population, this data means progress. Fewer people and decreased reproduction, means less resources being used up. Interestingly these globalists also believe the earth cycles through time, yet fail to recognize historical data that reveals that whenever the population became too large, the earth cleansed itself. Diseases, natural disasters and wars have all contributed to decreasing the global population. These global scientists also do not recognize that if man is an evolving species, as they believe, that once humankind halts his naturally occurring order and eliminates his reproduction, he too could loose his ability to reproduce. Eventually humankind would become extinct, like all the other creatures in the past.

 dad_kidsWhat difference does any of this make to a man who has already gave life to the  number of children he desires and who does not care about the virility of future      generations? None, as long as the vasectomy operation proves to be safe.  Essentially men do little to  no research on this operation, which is odd because the operation involves the most delicate body part  of the male anatomy. Men spend more time reading their insurance policy or the latest electronic gadget  then they do researching their vasectomy operation. The internet is full of sites giving detailed  information including sites from men complaining about the procedure, warning of pain and  diminished sexual function, yet the majority of males do little to no research at all, surrendering their  sexual capabilities without question.  There have been numerous studies linking vasectomies to prostate cancer, heart disease, and various auto immune disorders. Most have been inconclusive but that does not mean that in the future, evidence might come out to show the contrary. Common sense might lead men to observe potential complications that might arise when semen (a bodily fluid meant to be expelled from the body) is forced to be absorbed by the body and observe how this might affect the male physiology over time. This paradigm has been studied, but only briefly, and current findings remain inconclusive.

 Vasectomy alters ones sexual experience and increases the need for pre and post operation counseling.  Males must be educated and counseled before their vasectomy operation because they need to know the vasectomy will permanently alter their sexual experience. Vasectomy literature does state this fact, yet in reality, men should undergo counseling (and for more than five minutes), to make sure the man realizes the depth of his operation and how it might affect his performance both physically and emotionally. For the majority of males, the thought of sex without reproduction seems liberating, but the male will alter his reproductive capabilities and will no longer perform a reproductive act. One might assume that after the fear of pregnancy is eliminated, that sexual pleasure would increase and it does for the majority, however couples have reported this did not always increase their sexual pleasure. Once their lovemaking was diminished to merely physical and non-reproductive act, couples have reported a loss of excitement. This may be one cause why after their vasectomies man have complained their drive and desire went down, permanently affecting their overall physical performance. Concerns such as these cause and increased need for counseling.

 Will a vasectomy today save the planet tomorrow? There is no such thing as a “magical” operation and vasectomies certainly are not the answer, they simply take something from humankind that men cannot get back, which is his global domination as a species. Sure they might solve a short term problem of over pollution in areas where there is actual over population but why not let Mother Earth take care of that, she has been doing it for thousands of years. When common sense tells us that if humankind alters its seed long enough, eventually men will have less seed on the earth. Should we take notice? If we ignore our data, and sterilize a large majority of our population and if factors affecting our fertility persist or increase, eventually humankind will be no more.




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Father’s Day 2013: A Godly Man

Fathers' Day 2013

What does it mean to be living with a Godly man?
This weekend as I was reflecting on the example my own husband has set for our family I realized the overwhelming blessing I’ve received from his faithfulness to the Lord. Because my husband walks with Jesus, we receive many benefits and the best part is we avoid the hardships other families suffer through.

My husband does not drink alcoholic beverages, nor use drugs therefore issues relating to drug or alcohol addiction stay far from my family. More than likely he will never get a DUI. I do not need to worry about him doing jail time or needing a lawyer to get out of trouble. I do nor fear an accident that might total my car nor a charge of vehicular homicide. More than likely these things will never happen to us. We also do not have to worry about drug addiction and the sorrows of coping with that kind of problem.

I am also thankful that my husband does not suffer with a porn addiction or any other kind of sex issue. I do not have to fear what he is looking at on the computer or worry about where he is, or who he is with, or if he might be having an affair, or that he might come home to leave me and the children for a younger, prettier woman. My man is faithful to me and because of that faithfulness, my children can rest in the fact that even though we might have an occasional difference of opinion, their parents are planning on staying married for life. Therefore our children will more than likely never be ripped from their home, forced to chose between mother and father or sister or brother. Their relationships will stay in tact and nothing will fracture relationships in this family, except themselves. I am hoping that they will carry their friendships with each other into adult life. So far, so good.

Christopher, is not addicted to video games or obsessed with sports. This means I do not have to worry about him being up on the internet at 3 am addicted to some game he can not stop playing. He might challenge one of the children to an occasional game on the WEI (which we hardly ever use) but our family needs not worry about an addiction. Plus he is a Washington Redskins Fan and does like to catch the game, but he is not obsessed with the sport like other men might be. We are not left high and dry during a sports season. He likes the game and knows who all the players are and if we are not doing anything does want to see the game, but we do not suffer “loss of time with dad” because he follows a sports team.

A few years back my husband suffered a health issue and it nearly devastated our family, but he took every part of his recovery seriously. He changed his diet, started going to the gym and he lost weight. Today he is maintaining good health and because we almost lost our father/husband, our family realizes the benefits of a father who takes good care of himself. We do not take that for granted.

Christopher Scott is a faithful man. For over thirty years he has supported our family every day. We do not have to worry about where dad is. We always know. Dad is at work and when he is not at work, he is home with us. Some families don’t know where their father is, other families never have meals together, nor stop and talk about their day. In other families their father has little to no input into their lives and time passes them by. Before the dad knows it his children are grown. It is so sad.

Christopher, from your love and support, we find life. From your walk with God, we find Godly Counsel. What more wonderful than the blessings that come from a faithful man, and from generations of faithful men. His father, my father, my husband, are all men of God and now our married son is one too. If ever there was a reason to follow the Lord, this is one benefit. To live with a faithful man. Thank you Jesus!

WHY FOLLOW THE LORD?? Because there are benefits! Psalm 103 says, “Forget not all His benefits.” If you are married to a Godly man, thank him for avoiding the pitfalls that sin brings and for the the blessings of a Godly husband!

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Amazing Book with a message for Today's Generations. MUST READ!

Amazing Book with a message for Today’s Generations. MUST READ!

Download your COPY of the new updated version of


Read Chapter 1 HERE

Written by Rachel Scott/ Christopher Scott

The Scott’s have been featured on

ABC Good Morning America,

FOX News, CBS produced documentary for WE-TV, ETWN, BBC,CNN-HLN JOY BEHAR SHOW and Newsweek Magazine

Listen to their wisdom and let the Lord speak to your heart about His Plan for Your Family.

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40 years of abortion, “How long oh Lord will we continue to kill our children?”

march for life 2013

How long oh Lord will we continue to kill our babies?

   Over half a million pro-life people are marching today in    Washington D.C. to mark the 40th year anniversary of the taking of human life in the womb. Fifty five million children have died so far, how long can we continue this great sin before the Lord? 

        Forty years marks a generation. We’ve done away with the young people of an entire generation, those who would have been our next leaders, and those who would have been a burden on their parents, or so the abortionists tell us. Today, the future of abortion hangs in the balance and America is at the line of demarcation.



     Which way will we choose?  Will we repent or will we continue this grave national sin or continue as in the days of Molech, and  silently do away with another generation?

(photo: facebook march for life 2013)


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Rachel Scott on the solution to Working Moms vs. Stay-at-home Moms

I get so tired of the working mom vs. stay-at-home mom war that seems to emerge several times in every decade. It just reared its ugly head several months back when a comment was made in the media about Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s wife staying home to raise their five boys. This comment from a working mother herself, got women everywhere up in arms over the choice to stay home or the choice to go to work. Back in the 1980′s and 1990′s Oprah Winfrey would devote entire shows to this subject. At the time, I was a full time stay-at-home mother and I wished I could have been her guest because in one statement I could END this war permanently!

I finally had figured it out, there is not a right or wrong answer for women. According to the Bible a woman can choose either route with her life, a woman is allowed to work. The Proverbs 31 woman who many portray as the perfect stay-at-home mother also owned a vineyard and went away on trips to buy things for her household. The Bible portrays her as savvy.  I know some argue that a woman should not work when her children are small and I do firmly believe this too, but with the internet and the rise of Mommy Bloggers and with all the women who run businesses from their homes now, a mother could still be at home and be ignoring her children. Being home is not the answer if she is working at home and not emotionally or physically present with her children.

Yet the difference between the working mother and the stay at home mother is simply one thing….it’s the memories. What will she remember about her children when she is old and what will her children remember about her when they are grown?

Was she there to remember their first step, their first words, their first temper tantrums, the first time they pointed at a bird or discovered a dandelion blowing in the wind? Or was she in a board meeting working and a sitter captured these moments?

When her children are older, will they have these incredible memories of mom and stories to tell about  about all the things she had them do and about all the places she took them and all of their experiences together or will they talk about these things knowing she was absent from most of their lives?

When she is old will she remember the day she became Vice President of her company and when she got the prestigious corner office because her merchandising sales tripled in one year after she nearly worked herself to death or will the things she accomplished in business, not matter as much to her as her family?

When she dies, who will have the great stories of life with Momma, will it be her co-workers or her children or will the family stand by her grave knowing that mother made a lot of money but scarcely knew them!

Ladies you can do anything you want with your life but when you are old is when it will matter to you which path you chose.

There is no war between working mothers or stay at home mothers…ONLY MEMORIES.

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O.k. I’ve had it now! When the left starts attacking the greatest job a woman can do and tries to demean those who dedicate their lives to motherhood, I WILL NOT BE SILENT!

Get real? Do they really think we sit at home all day baking cookies?

I don’t know one stay at home mom who does NOTHING ALL DAY, do you?

Staying home is my choice  and I believe it is the greatest way for me to serve society but it is not easy, my job never stops. Most days I am up before 5am, do my prayer time, check my computer to catch up on the latest news, emails, etc. and often spend time writing, then grab my iPod, run to the gym where I workout for an hour, then run home, jump in the shower, start breakfast, get the kids up, feed them breakfast, then start homeschooling while I throw in some laundry, contemplate dinner and the possibilities of where everyone will be at dinner hour. After fixing lunch, I am usually finished homeschooling my youngest and on to finishing the others. By 1:30 I am usually drilling vocabulary and spelling or helping a third child with writing and grammar. By 2:30 when the public school kids are getting home, I am just about finished and my afternoon of driving kids to lessons, tutors and activities begins. By 3:00pm most days we are out of here and activities go some nights until 8:00pm. Somewhere in between, we grab dinner as a family and then after dinner it is getting kids ready for bed and organizing the next day, all the while I have to worry about if I have enough money to spend for gas that day and if I can afford to make dinner that night? And the liberals say I know nothing about the economy? Give me a break! Stay-at-home-moms live in the trenches of the economy.

If you stay home, what do you do all day? Please share a picture of your day, because the liberals need to be reminded again that stay-at-home mothers are not worthless silly women who can’t balance a checkbook and have to rely on our husbands to find our way to the grocery store. R

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Joy Behar Show

(Part 1)

(Part 2)



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20 Children for Michelle Duggar! “How selfish!!”

Michelle Duggar is at it again and at 45 years old has conceived her 20th child! Of course I think this is fabulous, but there are many onlookers blogging across America today calling the Duggars “selfish.”

I find this hard to believe that anyone would call the parents of a large family “selfish.” I am the mother of 8 ranging in age from 7-28 yr. and I know it takes ALL of a person’s energy, and ALL of their time and ALL of their money and basically ALL of themselves to parent a large family. A person must give up their life’s ambitions in the ultimate sacrifice of love and servant hood. A parent of a large family never gets the breaks that other parents get because they have to give “love” 24/7, laying down their lives for their families. How in the world is this “selfish?”

I know, I know people are thinking global population explosion and all but here in America our birth rate is falling and falling quickly, so that “argument” does not really hold water, at least not here in the USA. Some might say the Duggar children will use up all the resources, but again that is also a bit absurd because in reality they will be contributors to the social system as needed workers for our aging population; many of whom did not birth needed children who could work and pay into the social security system.

The thing I find  interesting  is how the naysayers and those who throw stones are the ones who could be labeled as having been “selfish” themselves.They are expecting social security to be available when they retire but they did not serve the system by producing the needed allotment of future workers to contribute on their behalf. Most often these are the “selfish” ones. They  birthed their 1.2 children and spoiled them with everything, then filled our landfills with their waste by not recycling their clothes, toys and other items because they had no further children in their own families. Whose to say who the true wasters of resources are?

I just turned 50 and I still have five children  at home and will spend the glourious remainder of my next decade getting them ready for life. Most of the parents I know have already graduated their 1.2 children and now they are spending their days at the gym, traveling, running their businesses or engulfed in self-serving careers. Their lives no longer about their children, but now are completely about themselves. Whose to say these are not our true “selfish ones”.

Giving our heart and our lives to another generation is about building the future. If the Duggars or anyone else for that matter wishes to give themselves to this awesome task, more power to them! Those who are “without sin” can cast the first stone…R

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Children make up less than 24% of our US population

WASHINGTON -- “Children now make up less of America’s population than ever before!”

It is now confirmed by our latest 2010 census numbers that during the last forty years we did not reproduce enough children. In the near future our shrinking workforce will not be able to support our nation’s entitlement programs which will place a strain upon an ever expanding elderly population.

In 1990, the share of children in the USA was 26% and in 2010, the share of children had fallen to 24%. This rate is projected to slip further to 23% by 2050, even as the percentage of people who will be age 65 will jump from 13% today to 20% by 2050 as the baby boomers age.”There are important implications for the future of the U.S. because the increasing costs of providing for an older population may reduce the public resources that go to children, said William P. O’Hare, a senior consultant with the Baltimore-based Annie E. Casey Foundation, a children’s advocacy group.”Japan, France, Germany and Canada each have lower shares of children under age 15, ranging between 13 percent in Japan and 17 percent in Canada, while nations in Africa and the Middle East have some of the largest shares, including 50 percent in Niger and 46 percent in Afghanistan, according to figures from the United Nations Population Division.

How will the U.S.A. handle this burden? More than likely through euthanasia programs for the elderly. It will be easy for our grandkids to justify killing “their grandma” (people who today are between 47-67), if it means a much younger person might be able to enjoy life. Society will assume, grandma is old and has already lived her life.

Therefore what goes around comes around. Baby Boomers believed birth control would give them a better quality of life so they chose to greatly limit their family size to 1-2 children while opting out of parenting a larger family. Now baby boomers will live to see the consequences of limiting family size. In the near future the no-child bearing society that their birth control use created will be under such a burden of trying to pay for the elderly healthcare and drug programs that they will see nothing wrong with ending the burden and lives of elderly baby boomers through euthanasia, quality of life programs.

For the wages of sin is death…Romans 6:23
Birth control use causes ALL LIFE to come under attack.

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